Fulton Correctional and Diagnostics Center / Fulton, MO

August 17, 2011

I had experienced some trouble with the Van since yesterday and finally discovered that it needed a fuel pump. As I was trying to start it, the neighbor across the street from Nancy and Kerry’s house drove up to ask if he could help. His name was Ryan Hulett and he operated a Chevy dealership in nearby Camdenton. He told me he would have a car sent for me to use if I needed to get to the prison in Fulton.

(This was after I told him I was in Jail and Prison Ministry) I was impressed with his willingness to offer such help and he said to call if I he could do anything. We went to Fulton in Nancy’s car.

Chaplain Bruce Guiles met Nancy and I at the security checkpoint in the Fulton Correctional facility. We were escorted to a large Chapel hall, the same one I was in last year. I wasn’t allowed to bring in any equipment other than my guitar, so I hooked up to their amplifier that served both the guitar and the microphone. This was to be the morning program, to be followed by an afternoon repeat. As it turned out, 58 men were counted in the morning service. When it was time to start, I introduced myself and went in to my program. Not since Maui, Hawaii, had I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit so strong as I did today. I was relaxed and the words and music blended into a natural flow. Nine men raised their hands to surrender to Christ and I directed them to see the Chaplain and inform him of their decision.

Nancy and I had lunch in town and then we returned for the afternoon session. Chaplain counted 81 in the 1PM service and once again, we felt God’s presence very strong. The program I did was somewhat different than the previous one as I followed the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 13 men responded to the invitation at the end and we were rejoicing! Chaplain Guiles was impressed and was going to recommend me to a meeting of Regional Chaplains coming up in a few days. As we drove back toward Osage Beach, I looked forward to a good night’s rest.